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Tim Lahan is the new Mystic Meg with horoscope illustrations for Elle Magazine

Multi-disciplinary and multi-talented illustrator Tim Lahan has completed an inspired collection of drawings to accompany the horoscopes in Italian Elle. The act of checking what’s in store for your heart, your friendships and your wallet is something we’ve all done, some openly and some as a guilty pleasure. What makes Tim’s work so refreshing is that he has broken away from the ‘cosmic’ element of the horoscopes and encouraged enjoyment through these sun soaked, highly concentrated, delicious drawings.

The inspiration for the series came from focussing on the original zodiac signs, “and whether they lent themselves to a visual concept”. Tim employed the method of letting each symbol drive the work. “If the symbol itself didn’t speak to me I focussed on the meaning or traits behind each of the signs and illustrated that.” Each of these illustrations are featured in a booklet as an accompaniment to the magazine. The horizontal space Tim had to fill has created these wide-screen, almost cinematic scenes which allows each piece to stand alone and as a set, “It was a bit of a challenge to fill that oddly-shaped space for each sign, but that was part of what made the project interesting.”

Tim himself is an Aries.


Tim Lahan: Virgo for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Cancer for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Gemini for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Taurus for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Libra for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Aries for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Pisces for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Leo for Elle Horoscopes


Tim Lahan: Scorpio for Elle Horoscopes