Tine Bek: Susan on Bed (crop)

Work / Photography

A photo series where “the architecture is more sophisticated than the people”

Glasgow-based, Denmark-born photographer Tine Bek has taken the idea of the Baroque and spun it out to explore some pretty big concepts: nature, domesticity and the representation of the female body to name but a few. His series Barok is formed of numerous individual images which when isolated don’t seem to have to much to do with Baroque and all its drama and grandiosity; but together they form a strange narrative and take on a whole new feel. “Baroque is the main inspiration, not just as a period within architecture or art, but more so as an expression of a certain philosophy,” explains Tine. “The overall themes [are]… the balance between illusion and reality, light and dark and time and space.

“For me the images are always moving, changing and evolving, leaving me with something not quite graspable, where the architecture is more sophisticated than the people, who seem almost more animal-like than civilised. With statues that seem alive and people mainly portrayed as almost abstract figures, the reality as we know it is turned upside down, leaving all rules of etiquette behind.”


Tine Bek: Redhead


Tine Bek: Dog Statue


Tine Bek: Royal Horse


Tine Bek: Palm Indoors


Tine Bek: Bath


Tine Bek: Sita

Tine Bek: Flower Bush

Tine Bek: Susan on bed