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Ignacio’s Mostly Latin Lunch, a wonderful foodie film from legendary voyeur The Selby

Todd Selby has been in your home, studio, restaurant, bar (and any other interior space you could possibly inhabit) for going on four years. In that time he’s seen the daily comings and goings of pretty much everyone, from world-class creatives to part-time taco vendors. Now, however he’s extending his voyeuristic gaze to mealtimes, watching with hawk-like concentration as Ignacio Mattos prepares, eats and shares a home-cooked meal in the company of friends and family, giving you a little bit of insight into a fairly unusual recipe along the way.

Far from being a cookery short however, Ignacio’s Mostly Latin Lunch celebrates the simple enjoyment of sharing a meal with friends, illuminating this everyday ritual as only The Selby knows how. Magic.