Tom Sewell: Wet Look Forever (still)

Work / Art

Art: Neon fabrics, psychedelic animation and strange heads. Tom Sewell rides again!

It’s been ages since we last wrote about Tom Sewell but that hasn’t stopped him coming over for lunch, hanging about at the pub in the evenings and generally being ever-present in our lives. On Friday he came over and decorated some of our computer screens with Post-It notes advertising his website, so we thought maybe it was time to feature him again if only to stop him ruining all the office hardware with adhesives. He’s been a busy little fellow since last time, refining his luminous imagery to reach maximum, show-stopping effect; printing on fabrics, developing animations and going rogue in the woods. There’s fewer luncheon meats in his work than in previous years though which, if we’re honest, we miss a little bit. Sausage comeback?


Tom Sewell: Drapery Study for Italian Caving Holiday


Tom Sewell: Drapery Study for Imaginary Head


Tom Sewell: Antibiotic King Canopy


Tom Sewell: Hermetic Virus Wrapping


Tom Sewell: Hermetic Virus Wrapping