Tomer Hanuka: The Society Of Illustrators (detail)

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He’s taking a break but Tomer Hanuka is still one of the best illustrators out there

Israeli illustrator and cartoonist Tomer Hanuka needs no introduction. Ten years ago (before this website even existed) he was making extraordinary illustrated works – some of which inspired me to go to art college – for the very best editorial clients out there. He’s done Rolling Stone, the now defunct Spin, The New York Times and GQ, he’s worked for Marvel, DC, Universal and Lucasfilm. In fact there’s very few people out there worth working for by whom Tomer hasn’t been employed.

Although he’s closed for business for the time being – presumably working so hard for so long starts to take it out of you – his last piece for The New Yorker in February was a prime example of his inimitable skill; stunning line-work, sensitive colour palettes and a canny knack for creating a powerful sense of atmosphere. Let’s hope he opens his doors again soon or the world of illustration will be a much poorer place.


Tomer Hanuka: Perfect Storm (for The New Yorker)


Tomer Hanuka: The Furies (for The New Yorker)


Tomer Hanuka: Blow Up


Tomer Hanuka: Philosophy In The Boudouir


Tomer Hanuka: Philosophy In The Boudouir


Tomer Hanuka: Warriors


Tomer Hanuka: The Society Of Illustrators