Tuesday Bassen: Aliens vs Space Cowgirl (with Penelope Gazin)

Work / Illustration

Tuesday Bassen’s got bad-ass girl gangs covered!

Most of you probably have an inkling of who Tuesday Bassen is; she’s a powerful LA illustrator, brand consultant, public speaker and all-out entrepreneurial maverick who can already count folks like Playboy, Lucky Peach, The New Yorker and The New York Times as clients. She’s doing pretty well for herself. But somehow – SOMEHOW – we’ve never given her portfolio a good airing on the site. I feel just awful about this because I spend at least half an hour a week watching her compelling process videos on Instagram that demonstrate the deftness of her brushwork as she inks images of gnarly skate chicks and stony-faced punks. So without further ado; Tuesday, everyone, everyone, Tuesday. I’m sure you’re all going to get on famously!


Tuesday Bassen: She Shreds


Tuesday Bassen: So So Happy


Tuesday Bassen: Night Ranger


Tuesday Bassen: Ugly Girl Gang


Tuesday Bassen: Woody Allen


Tuesday Bassen: Pastel Sunset