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Two Points develops a logical identity for the Vertical Geopolitics Lab

Hamburg-based studio Two Points has created an identity for the Vertical Geopolitics Lab based on “logical consequence”. “The Vertical Geopolitics Lab approached us with an uncommon brief. They asked us to design two visual identities, one for the VGL and one for an exhibition at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, designed and organized by the VGL. The visual identity of VGL and the sub-identities of their projects had to co-exist,” says the studio.

The VGL exists as a non-profit think tank and speculative architectures that is based on the fundamental belief that institutions are not able to prevent what they cannot imagine. Two Points were one of 14 studios that were approached to work with the VGL. “Once we understood the communication problem, the solution was only a logical consequence. Geopolitics is the study of the effects of geography on international politics and international relations. The geographic changes need to be seen in three dimensions,” says Two Points.

“When China, for example, builds islands in the sea to expand their territory they need to build them in a certain height to be considered new territory. The visual system is therefore is based upon three axes, X, Y and Z. There are two versions of the three axes visual system. One is using three lines. The other uses a mesh. It is up to the designer who is designing the deliverables to choose the version to use. Each format is divided into two spaces: 1. A space for the VI of VGL and … 2. A space for the projects. The space for the projects (2) is divided horizontally and vertically in 13 units. The space for the brand (1) may have a different height and width, depending on the format, but the width of the vertical axis and the height of the horizontal axis is always the same.”

We first featured Two Points when it released its book Pretty Ugly in 2012. The VGL project was completed in collaboration with Julien Martin (art/illustration), Yes We Work (Website programming).


Two Points: VGL Letterhead


Two Points: VGL Manual


Two Points: VGL Posters


Two Points: VGL Posters


Two Points: VGL Posters


Two Points: VGL Stationary


Two Points: VGL Website