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What gadgets do creative folk really want? Clue: might be a hoverboard

Once again the annual circus of strange, often useless gadgetry and salivating tech-geeks, Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show, has rolled around. While there’s undoubtedly some very smart little digital happenings being shown off, what’s often most fun is a look at the more ludicrous end of the spectrum, which this year has beamed out such treats as a plant pot that automatically waters your flowers, electric roller skates and a rather frightening looking belt that adjusts with your waistline and tries to shame you into reducing it.

However, as great as it sounds to be able to whizz round on electronic shoes, we’ve all seen how daft commuters in their suit and bright white trainer combos look on electronic scooter; and we’re savvy to the fact that overindulgence calls for something sexy and elasticated (hello, leggings, my old friends!) instead of a rather ugly belt. What, then, do creatives want? How could their lives be improved by gadgetry? We asked a few.


Electric roller skates, still from BBC CES coverage

Andy Altmann, Why Not Associates founder:

“An un-do button for real life. A cup of tea that never goes cold or runs out. A hypnotism tool within Keynote to convince the client to go with the best idea.”


Back to the Future II still

Gordon Reid, designer and illustrator (aka Middle Boop):

“In terms of gadgets for 2015, I wish we had the sort of ideas they had when creating Back To The Future Two (also set in 2015) like the Black & Decker Hydrator that cooks pizza almost instantaneously, self-drying jackets and of course, the hoverboard. Man, the hoverboard is definitely a gadget that every designer would want.”


Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera: Augie Doggie — Big Top Pop

Gabriella Marcella, Risotto Studio studio director:

“It’s not so electronic, but a zip wire from the studio window to my house really is the dream.
There would definitely be a bouncy landing pad at the end, and if it was the pimped version (electronic) – it would tow me up the way too!”


Okum Oon: Power strip

Elana Schlenker, designer/art director:

“I have one, I think about it all the time: I wish there was a wand or something I could put in my coffee that would warm it up really fast, or keep it warm. I am a slow drinker and I always end up sipping cold coffee. And this already exists, but I am lusting over these power strips [shown above]. I wish there were more (less expensive) options for strips that were beautiful like these.”


Alan Fletcher: Beware Wet Paint

Sarah Hyndman, graphic designer and Type Tasting founder

1. Shazam for font recognition. I know these apps exist but they’re not good enough yet.
2. A “What would Alan Fletcher do?” app. This would be a shakeable app on the phone like a Magic 8 Ball with random wise phrases from inspirational designers. When you have a mental block you shake it: the name of the designer and their wise words may help you see the problem from a different angle. Actually when I have some spare time I’m going to make this one myself.
 3. For me right now: a time machine so I can freeze time and get a bit more done before that impending deadline.