Vincent Wagner brings a natural twist to 3D typography

For Vincent, his practice is all about answering the big questions and finding “meaningful ways to use 3D space for typographic expression".

15 November 2022


When Vincent says that his background is “a bit all over the place”, he isn't lying. Not only does the Austrian designer hold a law degree, he also studied architecture and worked in music before becoming a full-fledged designer. That said, his typography work – focusing on “human life, media use, death and our relationship to the environment” – does betray his excitingly broad CV.

Initially working between editorial and 3D, Vincent’s interest shifted toward 3D and then 3D typography. His first big-ticket project in this realm was adding another dimension to the Pilowlava typeface, making it all “soft and lava-esque", he says. This tendency continued into his current practice where fleshy and deceivingly texturised forms complement chromatic typefaces, as well as nature-inspired quirks. Sometimes starting with a pencil sketch and other times jumping straight into VR sculpting, Vincent makes sure that he uses a wide mix of different tools to help “discover new shapes and new ideas”. It’s clear that he’s been around the block and learnt many lessons, all of which will be used in his upcoming venture Neomatter, a new 3D-type foundry with designer Daniel Gremme.


Vincent Wagner: Trying (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: Pilowlava (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2020)


Vincent Wagner: Next Try (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: Moth Rework (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: Machine Friends (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: Forever Tourist (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: Focus (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)


Vincent Wagner: All From Within (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2022)

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Vincent Wagner: How To Fire A Client (Copyright © Vincent Wagner, 2021)

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