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Wang & Söderström create a tangible but hyperreal version of reality 

In Wang & Söderström’s biography its work is described as “mind tickling” and we couldn’t put it better ourselves. As a studio, Anny Wang and Tim Söderström create interior and architectural digital works that “combines, collects and explores physical elements in a digital environment,” they explain. The end result is a portfolio of projects “utilising new technologies to shape tomorrow’s visual and spatial experiences”. 

In creating “unexpected experiences through materiality and technology,” Anny and Tim create digital works, films and singular images, and despite a digitalised practice you just want to reach out and touch each creation. For example, one series, Treasures amalgamates objects which you know are created on screen, but each element uses an analogue perspective. Marble and stone materials, or even a giant wobbly creature-like ball, appear so realistically that initially you think the image is a highly stylised still life shoot. 

Another piece for Chamber Gallery uses this technique on a larger scale. This time building a whole apartment of objects, the film utilises Anny and Tim’s background in architecture and spatial design. The realistic attributes of Wang & Söderström’s work comes to life in its moving image series, Physlab. A series of shorts, it depicts each delicate render, satisfyingly falling on the floor or being smashed with a tennis ball.

As Wang & Söderström start to be commissioned by The New York Times, Nike, Apartamento, and Pitchfork we look forward to seeing what form its hyperreal reality will take next.


Wang & Söderström: Treasures


Wang & Söderström: Treasures


Wang & Söderström: Radiohead, The Tourist for Pitchfork


Wang & Söderström: Pack from Earth


Wang & Söderström: Pack from Earth


Wang & Söderström: Pack from Earth


Wang & Söderström: Silver Snake