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The Weekender

Well, well, well what do we have here? It’s only the brand new It’s Nice That weekender section coming at ya (like sadly short-lived mid 90s band Cleopatra) every Friday afternoon. A look back, a look forwards, hell maybe even a little look underneath all things super, smashing and indeed great. All hail the weekend!

Best of the blog

In the wrong hands, art that makes a statement can be really cringeworthy, but Yolanda Dominguez is a genius at saying serious things in very silly ways. For that we love her. Talking of love, Sarah Blackall has created some wonderful illustrations based on the intriguing Missed Connections notices you find in papers and online. So we love her too. And in fact we also love things and people, so Things and People is perfect for us.

Best of the rest

Sometimes despite our name we like a good spat. We especially like a furore. Eye Magazine had a great, and balanced, article about the uproar (also good) caused by Huffington Post’s decision to crowdsource their logo design. Meanwhile actual fisticuffs over in America where street artist Shepard Fairey was beaten up over a mural-based misunderstanding. Yikes! And finally Creative Review did a nice piece on a simple but hugely effective Channel 4 advertising campaign.

Nutters of the week

It’s high wire walking, but not as we know it. Exhilirating, but don’t watch it if you have any issue with heights (found via Hypebeast)

Tweet of the week

“Otters – f**k off.”
@benterret reacts to the news that otters are making a comeback in the UK, in a way that made us snort some coffee out of our nose.

Coming together of the week

Dodgeball, meet trampolines…

Social media lampoon of the week

It’s quite hard to make funny jokes about Facebook any more, but those clever clogs at GQ have put together a guide to the friends you love to hate. Very funny, very true.

Unlikely career resurrection of the week

One for our UK readers this one. Most of you will have come across police show The Bill, and aficionados might remember a character called Reg. A lovable oddball, the show’s comic relief…oh and it turns out a really talented actor! Who knew?

Dial it up y’all!