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Compare your bedroom habits on Nice and Serious’ Wellcome sex site

Ever lay back wondering how your sex life and masturbation habits compare to everyone else’s? Well wonder no more. London agency Nice and Serious has created an interactive, infographic-packed site for the Wellcome Collection, running alongside its current Institute of Sexology show.

The site, named Sex by Numbers, takes data from from three National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), showing some seriously sexy stats from the last 20 years in the UK. These are presented in a design that hints at all sort of naughtiness: the skyline illustration becomes phallic, while satellite dishes are rendered as strange little titty-like forms. The infographics hint at the idea of the Peeping Tom, presenting the numbers in the windows of a brick wall, while little animations shed light on things like a couple getting hot and steamy in the shower, and people watching a pair of lions getting it on on the telly.

Nice and Serious creative director Tom Tapper says: “First and foremost we looked for the most interesting data sets – the sort of stuff people would discuss with friends at the pub. These would pull users into the site and compel users to share with their friends. Secondly, the data needed to be illuminating. It needed to show change over time or an anomaly that would shed some light on an interesting social and cultural issue.”

We learn all sorts about what everyone’s up to in the bedroom, and while there are obviously going to be a few porkies from respondents even in anonymous surveys, it still makes for a fascinating read. Apparently we’re all having less sex than a decade ago (just under five times a month), but we’re all more open to oral and anal sex than 20 years ago.

For the full, ahem, debrief, head here.


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers


Nice and Serious: Sex by Numbers