Fruit, 2008 © Krista van der Niet


Potato, 2003 © Anuschka Blommers en Niels Schumm


Peuk & Wijn, from the series Procrastinators, 2011 © Lernert & Sander / Courtesy Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst


Balancing Orange, Pink and Yellow , 2008 © Qiu Yang


A, 2009 © Uta Eisenreich


Trampling, from the series Elektrotechnique, 2011 © Lernert & Sander / Courtesy Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst


Winkel#3, 2007 © Johannes Schwartz

Work / Exhibition

What’s On: Still/Life

In a ten year anniversary exhibition, Amsterdam gallery Foam revisits a favourite theme with the suggestively titled Still/Life. All the crazy symbolism that goes with a typical still life still applies, though we’re more likely to read into the sexy stuff these days. Safe to say the traditionally inanimate subject matter of these photographs are demonstrably non-traditional, and, as the curators tell us: “Instead of taking photos (as a representation of reality), today’s photographers take photos (entirely staged).” Which is a pleasing, contemporary distinction, exemplified by the likes of Qiu Yang, Lernert & Sander and Anne de Vries.

The show runs until 26 October.