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No ball puns allowed: The official Wimbledon 2012 posters from Kingston students

How topical! Wimbledon is with us once more and in spite of whether the mercurial Gods will rain down their displeasure onto us or not, tennis will played.

Celebrating this year’s competition, students from Kingston University were invited to submit unique visions of the sporting empire fuelled by champagne, strawberries and curious fashions for an official poster design. From this veritable trove of artistic interpretations, the All England Club and the designers Hat-Trick have selected 12 for 2012.

From James Jessiman’s brilliant frame-by-frame ball as it hits the court at high velocity to the sporting moment of mutual respect (willing or not) displayed at the end of each match, as in Nicky Inchenko’s painting, the posters are a varied and personal lot. From the official dozen we have a selected a few of our absolute favourites, and what a set they are (bear with me), we might even go so far as say that we love them. Please look at the posters before you leave… Advantage Kingston (sorry.)


Wimbledon 2012 Official Posters

Poster order: Top row, left to right: James Jessiman, Stephen Messham & Signe Emma, Lorna Scobie, India Harvey. Second row, left to right: Bradley Allen, Danielle Watt, Simeng Zhao, Gemma Green Hope. Third row, left to right: Nicky Inchenko, Chengxuan Wu, Joseph Vass, Hannah Cullen.


Wimbledon 2012 Official Poster: James Jessiman


Wimbledon 2012 Official Poster: Joseph Vass


Wimbledon 2012 Official Poster: Nicky Inchenko


Wimbledon 2012 Official Poster: Danielle Watt