Wonder Room: Stop Making Sense

Work / Graphic Design

Wonder Room presents some wonderfully engaging posters and characters

Since discovering Wonder Room’s (aka Steve Hockett) portfolio I’ve been haunted by the image of a powerful caffeinated character who has giant coffee beans in place of eyes and a mouth. They call him The Roaster and he travels the country with beer and coffee from sunny El Salvador offering free tastings to all who’ll approach him. His real name is Steve Leighton, and he’s actually just a coffee expert.

The Roaster completely exemplifies why Wonder Room’s work is such a delight to see. His bold scrawl, primitive illustrations and painterly strokes create wonderful narratives across posters and promotional material that could otherwise completely fail to engage. I don’t care about tasting fine coffees, I can get a perfectly nice brew at Tesco, but I care about The Roaster now because he made me stop and stare, and that’s a pretty wonderful achievement.


Wonder Room: The Roaster


Wonder Room: Festival of Britain’s Beers


Wonder Room: Festival of Britain’s Beers


Wonder Room: Tears for Ears


Wonder Room: Stop Making Sense


Wonder Room: Earth


Wonder Room: Stop Making Sense