Wong Ping: Who’s the Daddy

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A closer look at Wong Ping’s sexually explicit animations

When it comes to the work of Hong Kong-born and based artist Wong Ping nothing is quite what it seems. Using the light-hearted facade of animation, Wong penetrates deep into the bitter heart of the society he sees around him. From politics to sexual repression, for Wong it seems, too far is never far enough.

Executed from a blindingly bright palette of poppy colours, Wong’s controversy courting animations hold sex at their centre, which Wong considers the language of his work. Who’s the Daddy is the tale of a male protagonist’s existential crisis about his penis as he hula hoops, takes selfies for GutGutGut, a fictional dating app, and goes on a date — with disturbing consequences.

“Is it because I am a minority? Or is it because I am in an uncivilised society? My straight petite penis always neglected by statistics,” a distorted male voice wonders. Wong describes the animation, “inspired by a true story” as “a Tinder tragedy. An unexpected child. A journey finding my root of shame.”

Wong is currently working on a series of stories Fables for the Modern Age, and, against all odds, making the occasional piece of commercial work for clients such as WeChat and MTV.


Wong Ping: Who’s the Daddy


Wong Ping: Who’s the Daddy