Wyne Veen: Trendy Koks (detail)

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Photography: Wyne Veen’s latest images prove she’s still a master of her medium

There’s a lot of photographers out there shooting images of inanimate objects on coloured backgrounds (we know, we’ve worked with a bunch of them for our magazine covers) but there’s only a few that manage to put such a unique twist on the genre as Wyne Veen. The Dutch photographer possesses a mastery of her medium that allows a stack of peeling lemons to appear as a sinister totem, carefully-arranged cups of coffee to become an optical illusion and cartons of ice cream to look sensual and exciting in their own right, without the faux-orgasmic posturing of a model that’s the advertising default. There’s also (wait for it) real ideas behind her work; some based on serious editorial, others on experimentation with materials and that keeps the work endlessly fresh – you never feel like Wyne’s photographs are just about the aesthetics.


Wyne Veen: Biljart


Wyne Veen: Houtbewerker


Wyne Veen: Kachel


Wyne Veen: Manicure


Wyne Veen: Trendy Koks