Yerina Cha: Another Singularity

Work / Graphic Design

Measured design by Yerina Cha with a deft, all-things-considered application

Here’s a portfolio of consistently strong graphic design, with thoughtfully measured information that doesn’t clutter or clump the poster layout or billboard or app or however its designer applies it. It’s is nice then that Yerina Cha, the individual responsible, studied fine art before design – it suggests that her experience with conceptual content means that there is that much more emphasis on the aesthetic experience of data, or typographic message.

Take, for example, the Another Singularity design for Anthony Gormley’s exhibition at the Hammer Museum; working across all of the shows collateral from billboards to books, Yerina’s design takes into consideration the nature of Gormley’s work, which “explores the relation of the human body to space at large”, and has converted it into her own graphic, manipulatable vernacular that could be used dynamically across the board – including an exhibition app so that the public might interact with it too.

The appeal of the design is in its carefully reduced aesthetic that belies some series layout skills and an equally deft handling of interesting cultural content on one hand and something like DIY product branding on the other.


Yerina Cha: Another Singularity


Yerina Cha: Another Singularity


Yerina Cha: Another Singularity


Yerina Cha: Another Singularity




Yerina Cha: AmDC gift fair (produced at Studio Lin)


Yerina Cha: Biodegradation