For graphic designer Yosh, it’s all about “pushing the edge” through abstract typography

The Berlin-based designer talks us through his process and how he uses his work to communicate values of “openness, liberalism and community”.

1 June 2023


Yosh (known mononymously) is one of those graphic designers who works on the cutting edge of the contemporary. His pieces all feel current and of the moment, but with a uniqueness that makes them stand out from the crowd. There’s a clear focus on typography and form in Yosh’s work, often showcasing how type itself can become part of a graphic image.

“I work almost exclusively in the digital realm and would never start a process with pen and paper, let alone with research,” he tells It’s Nice That. “I rely on digital tools in my work because they allow me to explore a wide range of possibilities and I see this variance as the key to expressive design.” So what makes Yosh’s work so unusual? He mainly attributes it to form-changing and abstracting functions, using randomisers and complex filter chains in the process. “Ideally, the result is unique, and the use of the tools is not apparent in the final design,” he says.

For Yosh, it’s all about “pushing the edge”, taking that lettering just one step further into “crazy” and making it as engaging as possible. “While I strive to communicate values like openness, liberalism and community through my formal visual work,” he says, “I am convinced that also purely abstract and visual works can be highly effective in influencing and connecting with viewers.”


Yosh: LFEK Klubnacht at Berghain, poster, with Tim Lindacher (Copyright © Yosh, 2022)


Yosh: Heraldic Flexions, graduation project, overview (Copyright © Yosh, 2022)


Yosh: LFEK Klubnacht at Berghain, poster series, with Tim Lindacher (Copyright © Yosh, 2023)


Yosh: Vinyl System for LFEK, with Tim Lindacher (Copyright © Yosh, 2021)


Yosh: Explorers variable Logo, with Jannis Maroscheck (Copyright © Yosh, 2022)


Yosh: Explorers Boiler Room Crew Shirts, with Jannis Maroscheck (Copyright © Yosh, 2023)


Yosh: Visual for Stress Studio, with Jannis Maroscheck (Copyright © Yosh, 2023)


Yosh: Logo for Mercedes-Benz, Dolby ATMOS, »Unheard Of« (Copyright © Yosh, 2023)


Yosh: Bau Mich Auf Festival 2021, Explorers Boiler Room, LFEK North America Tour 2023, InterCityExcess Festival, with Tim Lindacher (Copyright © Yosh, 2023)


Yosh: Heraldic Flexions, graduation project, book cover (Copyright © Yosh, 2022)

Hero Header

Yosh: Silk Screen System for Reference Festival (Copyright © Yosh, 2022)

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