Zigmunds Lapsa: track changes

Work / Graphic Design

Beautifully approachable design from Latvian creative Zigmunds Lapsa

For some reason we’ve never had cause to feature all that many Latvian designers on the site, in fact, this could well be the first. But consider our error rectified with the discovery of wonderfully talented print designer Zigmunds Lapsa. Not only is his name magnificently exotic, reminiscent of a victorian conjurer, but his work is exceptional and quite unlike anything else we’ve come across in the graphic design sphere.

Balancing crisp graphic design with approachable illustrated elements, Zigmunds’ work has a universality that makes it feel accessible to everyone, from the most exacting design fanatic, to a child picking up one of his vibrant book covers. Beautiful stuff!


Zigmunds Lapsa: The Same River


Zigmunds Lapsa: Dizaina Studija


Zigmunds Lapsa: 5:00


Zigmunds Lapsa: Skaņu Mežs 2012


Zigmunds Lapsa: MĒS. Collected poems


Zigmunds Lapsa: Kā mirdzošas būtnes


Zigmunds Lapsa: Jaunā Vāgnera klusēšana