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Art: Sound and motion explored again through Zimoun’s amazing installations

It’s almost exactly a year since we last revelled in the brilliance of Swiss artist Zimoun who explores sound and movement through his ambitious installations. Seeing as his prodigious work-rate matches his creative talents, it was no great surprise to see that he’s populated his portfolio with a host of terrific new projects in just 11 months. Personally my pick of the bunch are the churning waves of plastic packaging chips for the Lugano art museum and the amazing sea of crinkled brown paper for the Orbital Garden in Bern, but everywhere you look there are intriguing studies in the physical forces which usually go unnoticed.

One other thing; while some artists go to great lengths to list their various achievements on their websites I hugely enjoyed this line from Zimoun’s biography: “He has been awarded different art prizes and residencies and has served as a guest lecturer.” No song and dance; he leaves that to his work…