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  1. Listimage Sculpture Does this look human to you? Take a closer look at Kohei Nawa's TRANS
  2. List Exhibition Houses from famous horror films as kirigami sculptures from The Paper Dandy
  3. List Sculpture Helen Friel's paper sculptures of Euclid's Elements make maths charming
  4. Main Art Toby Ziegler tells us about his magnificent new show, 14-storeys below London...
  5. List Art Amazing silhouette sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster on show in London
  6. List Sculpture 1,664 reused yoghurt pots + bucket loads of creativity = stunning light installation
  7. List Sculpture Gaetano Pesce's extraordinary part design experiment, part uber-toy
  8. Hvs Sculpture Wardrobes like you've never seen them before from sculptor Hannes Van Severen
  9. Jockmooney-list Illustration Jock Mooney's puerile sculptures put it all in perspective
  10. List Sculpture A huge broken plate is thought-provoking addition to Belgian town
  11. Tashalewis-list Art Street art with a soft touch – the amazing butterfly installations of Tasha Lewis
  12. Dmlist Sculpture David Mach's amazing magazine sculptures are still able to dazzle
  13. Akashn-11 Art Mind-bending updates from the exuberantly playful Aakash Nihalani
  14. List Art Ben Long's brilliant scaffolding lion is mane attraction in London park
  15. List Art Yun-Woo Choi turns newspapers and magazines into mindbending, massive sculptures
  16. List Sculpture Taking eye-trickery to a whole new level – the otherworldly New Zealand sculpture park Gibbs Farm
  17. Swimming-1 Art All going swimmingly – Terada Mokei's sporty sculptures make a splash
  18. List Architecture Zaha Hadid creates new installation referencing her triumphant Olympic Aquatics Centre
  19. Patrick-dougherty-list Architecture Tree forts: the wonderful dreamlike weavings of Patrick Dougherty
  20. Jackie-younglist Graphic Design Artists set the Olympic agenda in new KK Outlet Art Relay show
  21. Ewlist Sculpture Erwin Wurm creates giant surrealist sculpture for New York hotel
  22. Evan-nesbit Art The beautifully tactile, organic works of Connecticut artist Evan Nesbit
  23. Kristiina-lahde-list Art Mix-tape: Kristiina Lahde refreshes centimetres and inches with her wonderful work
  24. Fpe-gary-webb-list Art SWEET! Frieze Projects East brings a confection of public sculpture to east London
  25. Main Art Identically smashed windows – tremendous new work from sculptor Alex Chinneck
  26. Eyal-gever-list-01 Art Terrific stuff as technology meets art in the fascinating collision sculptures of Eyal Gever
  27. Pentringslist Graphic Design Typographic Tree Rings evoke the history of London's Olympic Park site
  28. Etienne-gros-list Sculpture Etienne Gros sculpts sponge into squidgy Venus de Milo-esque forms - yes!
  29. The-weather-yesterday-list Graphic Design Troika's The Weather Yesterday installation takes on a national pastime
  30. List Sculpture Wow! ART + COM dazzle us with breathtaking metallic rain installation
  31. Bevis-charlie Art Forget everything you've ever learnt and re-learn it according to Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle
  32. Jacob-hashimoto-list Art Jacob Hashimoto's high-flying installation is a real wonder at the Ronchini Gallery
  33. Kumi-yamashita-1 Art Shadowlands: Kumi Yamashita shows us the wonders of cast light and form
  34. List Graphic Design Some superb updates from paper-illustrator extraordinaire Lobulo Design
  35. F Sculpture Feeling tense? You will soon! with these sculptures from Fabrice Le Nezet.
  36. Post Art Jill Sylvia confounds with her mind-boggling hand-cut paper art
  37. Mia-pearlman-1 Art Clouded house – Mia Pearlman's paper wisdom looks amazing
  38. R Sculpture Made of money – the painstaking collages of Rodrigo Torres
  39. Erwin-wurm-one-minute-sculptures-3 Sculpture Just a minute! Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures on show in Liverpool
  40. Ball-nogues-yucca-crater Architecture Ball-Nogues' pooled resources for a temporary splash with Yucca Crater
  41. Post Art Take a look at artist Victoria Haven's lovely geometric "landscapes"
  42. Kblist Sculpture Kyle Bean's portfolio boasts yet another set of amazing updates
  43. List Art Curiously wonderful sculptures suspended in space by Matt Hinkley
  44. List Sculpture Beautifully simple everyday-object mobile sculptures from Hanna Sandin
  45. Doglist Sculpture Charming paper sculptures by Mandy Smith to launch summer arts festival
  46. List Sculpture Shari Mendelson recycles plastic bottles into ornate, playful vases
  47. Jdlist Art Bouncy Stonehenge from Jeremy Deller at Glasgow visual arts festival
  48. Sdlist Sculpture Stunningly dynamic sporting sculptures from Sophie Dickens
  49. List-danielpalacios_waves What's On The physicality of sound and the sound of physicality by Daniel Palacios
  50. Luke-jarram-aelous-list Sculpture Aeolus is a remarkable wind powered instrument humming away in Canary Wharf
  51. Lead1 What's On What's On: Alan Rath
  52. Lead1 Art Esther Tielemans
  53. Eatt Set Design Daniel Eatock: One + One
  54. Small What's On What's On: Antiquity Bonk
  55. Dpsmall Art Damien Poulain: Masks & Candles
  56. Lead6 Miscellaneous Alexander Korzer-Robinson
  57. Micahel-small Art Michael DeLucia
  58. Lead1 Photography Ellie Davies: The Dwellings
  59. Tm Art Thomas Mailaender
  60. Horsefront Sculpture Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset: Powerless Structures, Fig. 101
  61. Alicja-kwade What's On What's On: Alicja Kwade - In Circles
  62. Small Art Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard
  63. Eggsmal Art The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt
  64. Wordacosater Miscellaneous The Selfridges Word-a-Coaster: The Video
  65. Cs Sculpture Antonio Marguet
  66. Post Product Design Helmut Smits
  67. Ln Art Lisa Nilsson: Tissue Series
  68. Cs Illustration Josh Atlas
  69. Small Miscellaneous Jason Middlebrook
  70. Post Exhibition Tamar Frank: A thin line between space and matter
  71. Small Illustration Neasden Control Centre: London Cafes
  72. Ak Art Anish Kapoor: Orbit
  73. Small Art What's On: Renee So at Kate MacGarry Gallery
  74. Steve-bishop Art Steve Bishop: As If You Could Only Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity
  75. Pcfront Sculpture Paul Cocksedge Studio
  76. Lamarre Sculpture Guy Laramee
  77. Carfront Sculpture Jonathan Brand: One Piece at a Time
  78. Ghfront Sculpture Seb Leon: The Golden Horns
  79. Lauren-small Photography Lauren Hillebrandt: Flat Landscapes
  80. Wfront Art Richard Pearse