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To support an upcoming editorial project on machine learning and the creative process, we’re launching a survey and would appreciate your thoughts.


It will be no news to anyone reading this article that artificial intelligence, particularly in the context of creativity, is our industry’s most divisive talking point. There are avid supporters, individuals hopeful for a future where our work is not only easier to execute, but races past the technological barriers we currently face. Then there are the valid concerns. A fear of lack of control, the effects of biased systems, copyright infringement and its ever encroaching impact on the job market.

Despite the rational arguments voiced by both sides, when it comes to AI there is also a camp of individuals battling to confidently comprehend such a dizzying subject. As AI persistently dominates headlines in our industry and elsewhere, there is a sense that we must understand its potential, despite no one knowing if this will change our lives for the better or worse. Articles, podcasts, projects and experiments on the subject also often present an assumed level of knowledge, littered with stumbling blocks of incomprehensible language, unfamiliar software and frightening statistics.

With this in mind, and with a gut feeling that perhaps many creative industry fellows feel the same, this autumn It’s Nice That will be launching a new editorial series on AI. Created in partnership with our audience and those we are lucky enough to write about, our aim is to learn and share our findings as tangible advice for you to take forward.

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But first of all, to gain a temperature check of how our industry is currently feeling towards AI, and to make this series as informative as possible, our team is collecting data via a bespoke survey and we would appreciate your opinion. Whether you’re a curious novice or a machine learning expert, we’re firm believers that sharing knowledge is the most impact we can offer when it comes to such a potentially exciting but equally contentious subject matter.

The results will be shared as anonymous data in our upcoming series, featured amongst insights from industry experts, highlighting both the future of these developments and, crucially, its flaws too. To take part, head on over to our AI Insights survey here.

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Lucy Bourton

Lucy (she/her) is the senior editor at Insights, a research-driven department with It's Nice That. Get in contact with her for potential Insights collaborations or to discuss Insights' fortnightly column, POV. Lucy has been a part of the team at It's Nice That since 2016, first joining as a staff writer after graduating from Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design Communication.

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