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8 November 2021


A key driver of Extra Nice, It’s Nice That’s membership programme, has always been to support the creative industry in a variety of ways. One pillar of this is the Extra Nice Fund, where ten per cent of each Supporter’s fee is immediately put aside to be awarded to a creative each year. In our wider mission to always champion creativity, highlighting impactful, self-driven projects is a true cornerstone of our work at It’s Nice That. We are delighted to now be able to support more ideas directly with financial backing of £3,000.

And so, with Extra Nice’s first anniversary just passed, we are very excited to open applications for the Extra Nice Fund globally!

Applications for the Extra Nice Fund are open to all. However, we are specifically looking to support ideas and projects by people from marginalised communities. If you do not identify with a marginalised group, we also welcome your application, but your proposal must demonstrate how it will positively impact underrepresented or marginalised groups.

We have decided to focus the fund’s donation on offering opportunities to those who identify as marginalised, or to create opportunities of support for these communities, because of the lack of diversity across the creative industry. As reported by the Design Council, only 13 per cent of the UK’s creative workforce are individuals from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. Such low representation doesn’t reflect the wider communities our industry is creating for and in turn, we hope the Extra Nice Fund will be utilised to bring about meaningful, long-lasting and impact-driven change.

The awarded applicant of the Extra Nice Fund will receive £3,000 to support their dream idea and make it a reality. Whatever this idea may be is entirely up to you and we encourage individuals to utilise the fund how they see fit for their project’s requirements.

There are no specifications in discipline or theme, and we welcome a variety of creatives to get in touch. You may want to use the £3,000 to help fund a new or existing publication, support the cost of hosting an exhibition or event, start a podcast, create a film or offer mentoring, for example. It’s Nice That is additionally open to the Fund being put towards continuing an already launched idea, part-funding a larger scale project, or kickstarting an idea you’ve always wanted to bring to life – or one that’s just come to mind!

For instance, back when we launched Extra Nice we awarded founder of RaceZine, Okocha Obasi, £1000 to support the forthcoming issues of their publication. Originally from London, when Okocha moved to Leeds for university, the creative was faced with an obvious lack of diversity on campus, and in creative education. Creating a panel, art exhibition and spoken-word event to discuss “what it’s like to be a creative of colour, as well as raising huge concerns about the normalised racist dialect happening across university grounds”, RaceZine was then born to further this necessary conversation. The £1,000 donated to Okocha was then used in a variety of ways; with £250 updating RaceZine’s website to add a shop and further its marketing; £250 to go towards marketing the second issue of the zine; and the remaining £500 then supporting production costs for issue three.

Apply for the Extra Nice Fund!

To apply for the Extra Nice Fund head here! Applications are now open and will close on 19 December. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Apply Now!

Further requirements and details are shared below and to apply for the Extra Nice Fund directly head here. Applications are now open and are due to close on 19 December.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define “marginalised groups”?

We classify marginalised groups as individuals who self-identify as Black, Asian or from a minority ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ or from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. This also includes individuals who face barriers such as mental health issues, physical health disabilities, sensory impairments, substance misuse survivors and individuals who are neurodivergent.

In specific circumstances, we may ask follow-up questions on an individual’s submission, but we trust applicants who put themselves forward to identify with this criteria outlined, or that their submission aims to impact those listed in this classification.

What ideas are you looking for?

There are no specifications in discipline or theme, and we welcome a variety of creatives to get in touch. As mentioned above, the £3,000 can be utilised to fund a variety of outcomes, from a podcast to an exhibition, film or publication.

Will It’s Nice That be involved in the development of my idea?

The It’s Nice That team will not be involved in the development of ideas, but we’d love to explore how we may be able to offer advice or support to your project in its development stage. It’s Nice That’s involvement will be discussed with shortlisted applicants during the review process of submitted ideas.

If I win the Fund, is there a timeframe requirement for it to be completed by?

Applicants must be able to create their project within six to nine months of the Fund being awarded in January 2022.

Following the project’s completion by September 2022, the final outcome will be the focus of a profile interview on It’s Nice That and shared with our global audience. We will additionally be welcoming the winning applicant to help judge applications for the second iteration of the Extra Nice Fund in 2022.

Will I receive feedback on my submission if unsuccessful?

Due to the volume of applications, we won’t be able to get in contact with unsuccessful applicants. However the Extra Nice Fund is a recurring funding programme so please do keep an eye out for future updates and further opportunities.

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