The creative world is moving faster than ever – here’s how to keep pace

Connecting the Dots, our new report in collaboration with Adobe, showcases how Creative Cloud for teams can empower individuals to do more in less time.


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Great experiences have the power to inspire, transform, and move the world forward. And every great experience starts with creativity. At Adobe, we connect content and data and introduce new technologies that democratise creativity, shape the next generation of storytelling, and inspire entirely new categories of business.

The creative industry operates at speed. No matter your discipline or position, whether you’re a freelancer diving in and out of studios or a director of your own agency, it can often feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in your ideas and, crucially, your deadlines.

That speed has also accelerated in recent years, as both clients and creatives increasingly rely on digital media to engage audiences. Nowadays, we’re all hard-pressed to produce more work than ever before, at a higher quality and in a variety of different formats. In fact, a report conducted by Adobe and research advisory company Forrester reveals that 81 per cent of consumers expect a frequent refresh of content, meaning that individuals are under pressure to create more assets and deliver more campaigns – a statistic that will certainly ring true with many creatives.


Annu Kilpeläinen: It’s Nice That x Adobe, Connecting the Dots

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Given these increasing demands, creatives need reliable programmes and tools to aid their daily operations across projects. One dependable ecosystem which can offer greater flexibility, as well as aid collaboration and organisation, is Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. In a new report, Connecting the Dots, created by It’s Nice That and Adobe, we dig deeper into the capabilities of this industry-leading suite of apps and cloud services, which is transforming the way creative teams collaborate.

Across a variety of benefits, Creative Cloud for teams supports creative individuals, as well as larger organisations, via three core themes. As explored in Connecting the Dots, Creative Cloud for teams empowers collaboration by supporting:

  • “shareability”, enabling files to be shared seamlessly and at speed;
  • “visibility”, allowing creatives to access a 360 view of all creative assets;
  • and “scalability”, helping organisations stay agile as they grow.


Annu Kilpeläinen: It’s Nice That x Adobe, Connecting the Dots

To gain a greater understanding of why these three areas are crucial to the success of any creative endeavour, Connecting the Dots examines how the benefits of Creative Cloud for teams could help your team or projects. For instance, we learn how accessible ways of sharing have created momentum at Studio Nari, making way for “further exploration, ideation and creativity,” according to studio founder Caterina Bianchini. Organisational needs are explored in discussion with head of solutions consulting at Adobe, Bart Van de Wiele, examining “Where and how do graphic designers lose time?” To support you in visualising how this could benefit your process, there are also a whole host of familiar scenarios – from clients reverting back to an earlier idea (classic), the faff of renewing programme licences or ensuring new assets are being used – each solved thanks to Creative Cloud for teams’ capabilities.

Our report aims to empower individuals to do more in less time – making space for thinking, for ideas and imagination, or even for just a moment to breathe. Join us in a future away from hectic servers, design-file mishaps and difficult-to-decipher feedback by downloading Connecting the Dots, for free, here.

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