7 January 2020

What’s your creative resolution? Take part in our Review of the Year Instagram brief

For this year’s Instagram brief, we’re changing things up, asking you to look forward instead of back. Ponder your ambitions for 2020 and then tell us about them, via whatever medium you see fit, and we’ll feature the best entries on It’s Nice That in January.


7 January 2020


For the past two years, we’ve asked you to create a visual representation of the one word which summed up your year. But for 2019, we’re changing things up: we want you to look forward instead. And so, this year’s Review of the Year Instagram brief is to creatively represent your New Year’s resolution.

It could be to eat more bananas, start up your own agency, see your nan more, or maybe even less? Whatever it is, we want you to show us (and others) through the medium of creativity. Whatever your medium, whether you use graphic design skills, illustration, photography or clay, start thinking of that creative resolution and get involved below.

We’ll be picking out eight of our favourite submissions in the new year and featuring them on It’s Nice That, and there’s a solid bunch of It’s Nice That goodies up for grabs, too.

First though, to kick things off, we asked a few of our favourite creatives to answer the brief and feed our imagination.


“For 2020, our resolution is to create more personal works! We are planning on applying for creative residencies to focus more on non-commercial projects, where we can work on developing our visual language, our creative vocabulary, and a more sustainable workflow. Working on personal projects free from deadlines or restrictions was always an important part for us to find a healthy balance between the two fields of ‘work’ and ‘creativity’.

For us ‘personal work’ means creating more artworks, so in our case it’s mainly working on paintings and big canvases. So you could also say that our resolution for 2020 is creating more artworks/paintings (but since it always sounds a bit corny if you say you want to do ‘art’ we’d rather call it personal works).”

Caterina Bianchini

“This resolution is very important to me and is something I want to cast out into the universe, so other designers can start to follow our way of thinking in the studio.

This resolution has come from the effort the studio has put in this past year, which has really been a pivotal one for us. We have worked with some of our bucket-list clients and it really is down to us just going with our intuition. So, our resolution for 2020 and the rest of eternity is to TRUST YA EYE. You know exactly what you are doing and if other people aren’t into it, then who cares.

The flower is a symbol of love, so it made a lot of sense to use illustrations of flowers in the piece. The bold type aims to create a sense of attitude, and the cartoon eyes have been used to represent the studio’s signature style of charisma!”

Hiller Goodspeed

“I like to do multiple things while I draw, though sometimes the distractions I surround myself with get the better of me and I end up getting totally sidetracked. My resolution for 2020 is to effectively manage my time and how I spend it, so I can get work done while also enjoying all of my favourite things. It may be difficult at first, but I am hoping to discover that there is time for everything after all.

I will still do everything I like to do while I draw, but now I will not let any energy go to waste. This way I can produce some really good work while also enjoying all of my favourite things. To show this, my illustration is of my future self staying focused, while efficiently managing the incredible amount of distractions that surround me.”

How to Enter

Think about the year ahead and create that artwork.

Upload it to Instagram with #CreativeResolution2020 @itsnicethat.

Sit back and enjoy all the other amazing submissions on #CreativeResolution2020.

We’ll be selecting our favourite submissions to feature on It’s Nice That on 7 Jan 2020. Each winner will win an It’s Nice That tote bag full of goodies too!

Entries are open from 18 December – 4 January 2020.


Entries are open between 18 December 2019 – 4 January 2020.
Eight final images will be selected by the It’s Nice That creative team, to feature on It’s Nice That on Tuesday 7 January.
The final eight selected images will be published in one article on and @itsnicethat on Instagram.
All entries must be made on Instagram, including #CreativeResolution2020 and tagging @itsnicethat.
All entrants must have full copyright and relevant permissions for the image they enter.
By entering your image with #CreativeResolution2020, selected winners give permission for It’s Nice That to publish the selected work on all It’s Nice That social media channels and on
By entering your image with #CreativeResolution2020, selected winners give permission for Google Design to publish the selected work on all Google Design social media channels.
The final eight individuals selected will win 1 x It’s Nice That Tote Bag filled with selected Printed Pages magazines and collateral.
The prize cannot be exchanged for any other service or cash equivalent reward.
This project is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. It’s Nice That is the soul sponsor of this project.
By entering your work to #CreativeResolution2020 on Instagram, you submit that you have fully understood and agreed with the terms and conditions listed above.
You can find It’s Nice That’s general terms and conditions here.

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