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John Molesworth illustrates the hustle and bustle of Record Store Day 2017


John Molesworth

Once a year, a Saturday is reserved for record collectors and music lovers around the world. Although the day is often recognised for people elbowing others out of the way for a limited reissue or remix, it is also a day where enthusiasts finally get hold of a record they’ve always loved, line-ups are curated to celebrate live music, and conversations between strangers begin over mutual favourite albums. Record Store Day is also an important day financially for independent record shops globally, allowing and encouraging them to keep on selling alternative bands from the innovative record labels that keep the industry churning.

To celebrate Record Store Day 2017, It’s Nice That sent illustrator John Molesworth (one of our 2016 Grads) on a journey around London’s record stores to capture the hustle and bustle of a day that encapsulates the music community, from the artists playing to aficionados scanning the racks.

0759: Queuing at Rough Trade East

0830: Rough Trade East


0900: Rough Trade East


1200: Miles Copeland at Rough Trade East


1215: Ciaran Laverly at Rough Trade East


1400: Phonica, Soho


1551: The Black Madonna, Phonica, Soho


1700: Reckless Records, Angel


1730: Sounds of the Universe, Soho