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Everything you need to know about the next instalments of New World, our programme of hands-on virtual sessions in partnership with Today at Apple.


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Free sessions in-store and online that inspire hands-on creativity in photography, art, design, coding, music and more. Brought to you by Apple.

New World is a 12-week programme of free hands-on virtual sessions and Creative Guides taking place throughout February, March and April. Hosted by Today at Apple and It’s Nice That, these sessions will be focused on exploring the power of creativity to bring about change, fostering connection and collaboration, and learning new creative skills to rebuild a better world.

In January, together with Today at Apple, we launched a 12-week programme of live Virtual Studio sessions and Creative Guides that will be running until the end of April. Led by some of the most exciting creatives in the world and spanning a broad range of disciplines, from graphic design to photography and collage, these sessions will be all about learning new creative skills in a collaborative and hands-on way.

Below you’ll find descriptions of the next live sessions and details of the creatives who are going to be leading them. Each session will follow a really straightforward format and will be focused on introducing you to a particular creative skill or technique that you can then go on to integrate into your own creative practice. These won’t be your standard webinar experiences either (we all know we’ve had enough of them) – instead, you’ll be tasked with rolling your sleeves up and taking part, testing out your skills and learning new techniques from genuine creative experts.

Under the title New World, each of the 21 live sessions and Guides are focused on understanding the role that creativity can play in rebuilding a better world in 2021. Last year we saw the way that creatives around the world used their talents to further meaningful causes, bring people together, entertain and inform, and to foster a sense of community even when we were unable to meet our friends and families in person. Creativity can – and needs to – play a massive role in rebuilding the world post-pandemic, and creatives will have to work together and acquire new skills in order to do so.

So, have a look over the sessions listed below and click on the links to sign up to any that take your fancy. And remember: All of these sessions are completely free to sign up to and you can join as many of them as you like, so don’t hold back!

Upcoming events

New World: How creativity can shape our future

New World: How creativity can shape our future

Join us and a global group of designers and artists, as we discuss the role of creativity in our new world – from how we can harness it to promote important social causes to the way it enables connection and collaboration. We’ll hear from six of the creatives who have led sessions across the programme: Liza Enebeis from Studio Dumbar, Joel Gethin Lewis from Universal Everything, Rama Duwaji, Shan Wallace, Kris Andrew Small and Sameer Kulavoor.

Thursday 22 April

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