1 April 2020
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Five Nicer Tuesdays talks on the theme of community

Over the coming weeks, we’re bringing you several curations of past Nicer Tuesdays talks, to keep you occupied during your evenings and weekends spent indoors.


1 April 2020
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One of the things we love most about Nicer Tuesdays, is the opportunity it provides to bring the creative community together. We relish getting the chance to actually meet some of our readers when we head down to Oval Space for the evening, as well as the speakers who we’ve often only interacted with via the internet until that evening.

Often, the topic of the talks themselves are about projects which bring people together in some way, in fact, it’s one of things creativity is best at; developing a community where there wouldn’t be one otherwise. We’ve heard talks about people rallying behind a single passion, or joining together to shine a light on an overlooked issue, each as inspiring as the last.

Right now, a reminder that community exists outside the four walls of your bedroom or beyond your kitchen table is needed. So we’ve pulled together five our favourite Nicer Tuesdays which demonstrate creativity’s ability to bring people together. It sounds corny, we know, but it really is true.

Eliza Hatch at Nicer Tuesdays in October 2017

Eliza Hatch

Eliza Hatch is the creator of photojournalism project Cheer Up Luv, a project tackling street harassment. Through a series of intimate portraits and interviews, Cheer Up Luv offers a platform for discussion that aims to turn vulnerability into empowerment.

Felicia Pennant, editor-in-chief of Season zine at Nicer Tuedays in June 2018

Season zine

Season zine is an independent publication exploring the cross-section of football and fashion. Inspired by Cristian Ronaldo’s tears at the Euros in 2004, founder and editor-in-chief Felicia Pennant saw the power of football but wanted to present something different to the “male, pale and sometimes very stale football commentary”. Full of honest and candid reports from interviews and contributors, Season adds a refreshing tone of voice to the current conversation on football.

Gal-dem’s editor Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, and graphic designer Chani Wisdom at Nicer Tuesdays in November 2017


Gal-dem is a publication committed to telling the stories of women and non-binary people of colour. At Nicer Tuedays, its editor Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and graphic designer Chani Wisdom took us through the first issue of its print magazine, a massive step in the now well-established publication’s journey.

Sam T Smith from Me & EU at Nicer Tuesdays in April 2017

Me & EU

Sam T Smith and Nathan Smith exemplified the creative community’s reaction to Brexit with their project Me & EU, a series of postcards by UK-based designers such as Craig Oldham, NB Studio and Catalogue, which was sent to Europe when Article 50 was triggered. At Nicer Tuesdays, Sam spoke about how the project aimed to instil positivity and unity into the industry after the shock of the referendum, and why this inspired a vast and diverse range of creatives to take part.

James Gilchrist and Beth Wilson of Warriors Studio at Nicer Tuesdays in January 2015

Warriors Studio

Together, James Gilchrist and Beth Wilson are Warrior Studio, a graphic design practice based in Glashow. One of the studio’s longest-running and most successful projects is Graphic Design Festival Scotland. Here, the pair tell us about the projects origins which has, in the time that has passed, only grown in scale.

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