Honest, inspiring or provoking, here are the Nicer Tuesdays talks which we can’t stop thinking about

Rinchen Ato, Yumna Al-Arashi, Enda Bowe, Deepa Keshvala and Luke Evans each delivered moving talks in their own right. And we can’t stop thinking (or talking) about them.


16 April 2020
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There have been times at Nicer Tuesdays, countless times in fact, where we have been left moved and inspired by a speaker, despite the short ten minutes they spend on stage. Sometimes this is due to an incredible, personal story, an insightful creative process or point of view we’ve not yet encountered.

While it was hard to choose just five to share today, we’ve pulled together some of the most thought-provoking talks from the Nicer Tuesdays archive. The list includes photographer Rinchen Ato, who spoke beautifully about the importance of family photographs in the wake of oppression; Yumna-Al Arashi who challenged our notions of representation, particularly of Middle Eastern women; Enda Bowe who enchanted us with the tales of his trips to Belfast; Deepa Kashvala’s whose short film tells of her difficult relationship with her estranged and late father; and Luke Evans who opened up about his journey with cancer.

So, take some time today, or over the next few days to hear the incredible stories each speaker told at their respective Nicer Tuesdays.

Rinchen Ato at Nicer Tuesdays in February 2020

Rinchen Ato

Rinchen Ato is a photographer born in Cambridge to a Tibetan refugee, and she’s been travelling back and forth to east Asia since she was two years old. In that time, she’s been documenting her father’s homeland with sincerity and intimacy in a series titled Kham.

Yumna Al-Arashi at Nicer Tuesdays in March 2019

Yumna Al-Arashi

Yumna Al-Arashi shares her opinions on representation within photography, how she’s attempting to better it, but also how she struggles with the authenticity of the subject.

Enda Bowe at Nicer Tuesdays in October 2019

Enda Bowe

Irish photographer Enda Bowe talks us through his beautifully intimate series, Love’s Fire Song which documents youth culture on either side of the Peace Wall in Belfast.

Deepa Keshvala at Nicer Tuesdays in July 2019

Deepa Keshvala

Deepa Keshvala, a DOP and filmmaker based in London, has always been fascinated by the human condition. Her talk, which proved particularly honest and moving, focused on the recent release of her film Kara. Beautifully shot and designed, it tells the story of a young woman who visits her father for the first time in 13 years and how she deals with the experience, mirroring Deepa’s own experience with her own father.

Luke Evans at Nicer Tuesdays in August 2018

Luke Evans

Giving the audience a charismatic whistle-stop tour of his photography career, Luke Evans’ talk took an impactful pause midway through, explaining an extremely difficult period in his life.

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