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Whether you prefer to dabble in photography, illustration or 3D worlds, these Creative Guides should have something for you. Make sure to share whatever you create using #CreativeNewWorld and #TodayAtApple.


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For ten weeks now – and for a few more to come yet – we’ve been working with Today at Apple on a series called New World. Featuring leading creatives from around the world, spanning Delhi, New York, London, Sydney, Paris and beyond, the project explores what creativity’s role will be in the future.

At the core of the project are several ideas: reconnection, community and collaboration; evoking hope and rebuilding a better world; and learning new, tangible skills to facilitate all of the above. One way in which we’ve been aiding the latter is through a series of Creative Guides which provide the chance to follow along the stages of a project step-by-step, led by five artists, designers and illustrators from the New World line-up. The techniques and outcomes vary, ranging from photography to AR to typography. To figure out which Guide you’d like to tackle first, we’ve outlined a sneak peek of what to expect in each.

Whether you end up creating a fully fleshed-out project or simply dabble in a few experiments, we want to see what you create, no matter how WIP it is. We’ll be bringing together our favourite responses to the Guides towards the end of the series in an article on It’s Nice That. So, be sure to share your work on social media using #CreativeNewWorld and #TodayAtApple for a chance to be featured.


Camila Falquez teaches you how she moodboards during the research phase of a project in her Guide

Camila Falquez

Narrative, community and a sense of social responsibility form the foundation of New York-based photographer Camila Falquez’ practice. For her Creative Guide, Camila shares how she draws such richness from each project, teaching you her process when it comes to creating a series of photographs. Beginning with research and following the steps all the way through to taking the final shot, the Guide is particularly focused on creating what Camila calls “the bible”, a Keynote that communicates your vision to others. At the end of it all, you’ll have produced an image or series of photographs that embodies your hopes and ideas for the New World, showcasing a person, place or group which represents this for you.

Tell a deeper story through photography with Camila Falquez. Take part in Camila’s Creative Guide here.


In WWWesh Studio’s Guide, you’ll learn how to create an AR experience. This is Utopian Symbiosis, WWWesh’s response to the brief

WWWesh Studio

Pierrick Sancé and Antoine Jourdan run WWWesh Studio from their base in Paris, working on everything from art direction to web design, branding, installation and motion. Therefore, choosing which medium to share their skills in was tricky but, thanks to a thirst for discovering the new, AR – specifically the app Reality Composer – rose to the fore. In their Creative Guide, Pierrick and Antoine teach you how to create an AR experience using the app which imagines an exhibition for the New World. You’ll learn how to work with 3D assets and make them interactive, before finally exporting a shareable AR experience.

Create a 3D world in AR with WWWesh Studio. Take part in WWWesh’s Creative Guide here.

Studio Nari’s Caterina Bianchini breaks down how she creates letterforms in her Guide

Studio Nari

After working at several top London studios and forging her freelance career, Caterina Bianchini launched Studio Nari in 2020 and has worked with an enviable list of clients such as Nike, Vogue Singapore, Selfridges and Somerset House. No matter what the client or brief, Nari operates within a steadfast set of beliefs that inform its process and outputs; Nari, in fact, stands for “not always right ideas” and it’s this ethos you’ll learn more about in Caterina’s Creative Guide. Focused on drawing typography by hand in Procreate and culminating in designing a poster, Caterina asks you to visualise what change means to you.

Hand draw letters that advocate for change with Studio Nari. Take part in Caterina’s Creative Guide here.


In her Guide, Ohni Lisle teaches you how to create stickers that can be shared with friends and family over Messages

Ohni Lisle

We all use emojis every day and it’s a form of communication we imagine becoming all the more prevalent in the New World. It’s for this reason that New York-based illustrator Ohni Lisle, in her Creative Guide, takes you through the process of creating a set of stickers for your “future self” to share over Messages or use in FaceTime. An illustrator working across digital and analogue media, her works are characterised by experimentation and an ever-shifting style, and are unified by their singular expression. You’ll learn how Ohni works in Adobe Illustrator, as well as how to export your sticker using Xcode.

Illustrate a sticker set for your “future self” with Ohni Lisle. Take part in Ohni’s Creative Guide here.


One part of Kris Andrew Small’s Guide will see you creating an “expression board”

Kris Andrew Small

Amalgamating a whole host of techniques in one project, Kris Andrew Small takes you through creating a collage that explores your identity in the New World. The outcome? A self-portrait that combines abstract pattern, photography and custom typography. The Sydney-based artist and designer’s work is hard to miss and utterly distinctive thanks to his adept combinations of bold texture and loud colour, but also for the fact that it pushes for societal change. In his Guide, Kris shares how he achieves exactly this by working in Adobe Photoshop, chatting you through how to turn photos from your iPhone into abstract textures, warping type, experimenting with brushes and more.

Express your personality through pattern and typography with Kris Andrew Small. Take part in Kris’ Guide here.

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