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Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Photography

During 2017, the photography we’ve shared on It’s Nice That has allowed us to tell stories from all over the world. From capturing the same people on their commute for nine years, all the way to an in-depth profile with a renowned photographer, it’s been exciting to witness the shifts and changes within the medium. Here we have 25 of the most read photography articles for you to peruse.

  • Peter-funch-42nd-and-vanderbuilt-photography-itsnicethat-list Work / Photography Peter Funch has photographed the same people on the same street for nine years

    From 2007 to 2016, Danish photographer Peter Funch stood at the southern corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City between 8:30am and 9:30am taking photographs of the commuters he saw. “The idea started when I was working on another project Babel Tales – some of the images were taken outside Grand Central Station, which is incredible busy during rush hour. People come out of the station in masses, thousand of them each with their own destination,” explains Peter. “The idea of finding the regulars in this chaos came up – then much later in the process finding their behaviours and rituals in their commute from a to b.”

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • Anna-beeke-at-sea-photography-itsnicethat-list Work / Photography Anna Beeke explores the contradictions of life aboard a cruise ship

    Photographer Anna Beeke’s series At Sea is an ongoing exploration of American cruise culture. “The once romantic notion of travelling the ocean to distant lands has become an accessible and affordable way to vacation, with more and more people taking to the seas each year,” says Anna. “Cruising is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry worldwide – this project takes a lighthearted look at what it is like to be a passenger on board these floating hotels and the places to which they take us.”

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • Harry-cooke-photography-itsnicethat-1 Work / Photography “I will always seek the golden hour”: Harry Cooke on his dreamlike photography

    Harry Cooke is a Devon-based photographer who’s been on our radar for quite some time. Having worked with titles such as Hunger Magazine, No Substance Magazine and Just Magazine, his portfolio conveys a pure vision of technical skill and creativity, mixed with an eye for romantic colours and lighting. A soft palette, warm tones and considered composition are fundamental throughout his work, creating dreamlike images filled with tender nostalgia. Seeking out the “golden hour” is crucial; each image, whether it’s from a personal or fashion project, portrays a sense of warmth and photographic determination. His latest venture has led to the release of a new publication, titled Sigh Journal, that launched over the weekend, and we caught up with Harry to find out more about this journey into publishing and how he got to where he is today.

    Ayla Angelos
  • Maciej_dakowicz_int_list2 Work / Photography Maciej Dakowicz's photographs capture unexpected, serendipitous moments

    Maciej Dakowicz first discovered street photography in 2002 and enjoys the spontaneity and fast pace of it. “When I started, I had no idea about photography, I was very naive and just loved being out and taking pictures of life in the street,” says Poland-born Maciej. “When out shooting I look for a twist – something that elevates the photo to a different level. I am a big fan of ambiguity and I like strange, mysterious pictures.”

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • Roshanadhihetty-nacktwanderer-photography-itsnicethat-list Work / Photography Roshan Adhihetty photographs the naked hikers of Europe

    Have you really experienced the true beauty of nature if you’re not on a stark naked hike? It’s something most would probably never dream of doing, but a recent photography series by Swiss photographer Roshan Adhihetty suggests it may be the ideal way to immerse yourself in greenery, bums and all.

    Lucy Bourton
  • Beadigiacomo-lineaalba-photography-itsnicethat-list Work / Photography Bea de Giacomo photographs the wonders of pregnancy

    Milan-based photographer Bea de Giacomo describes her aptitude to the medium as combining “elements hailing from different photographic fields”. As a result her portfolio mixes fashion, still life and snapshots with a client list of Gucci and Missoni, and publications such as Alla Carta and The Wire. However, it is a personal project of Bea’s Linea Alba, that displays her sensitive photographic ability, producing a series of images we couldn’t look away from.

    Lucy Bourton
  • Peter_mitchell_int_list Work / Photography Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds from 1979 published for the first time

    The name Peter Mitchell is one you may recognise as a photographer who has modestly been building a portfolio for 40 years. His photographs, of which Martin Parr is a fan, document the city of Leeds, where Peter has lived and worked for much of his life.

    Lucy Bourton
  • Lois-cohen-photography-itsnicethat-1 Work / Photography Amsterdam-based photographer Lois Cohen’s "absurd" portraits

    25-year-old Lois Cohen still lives in her birth town of Amsterdam, where, after a youth spent “obsessively drawing”, during her teen years, she found photography and “my whole life turned into obsessively taking pictures”. In the decade since, Lois’ work has transitioned from “super theatrical studio shots” to shooting portraits primarily on location. These days, Lois considers her work “a little less controlled, but the essence and amount of colours in my work stayed the same.”

    Bryony Stone
  • Marco_arguello_chroma_photography_itsnicethat_11 Work / Photography Photographer Marco Argüello questions the “visual vomit” of influencer culture in his series Chroma

    “The series was inspired by the constant visual vomit around me,” explains photographer Marco Argüello. His series Chroma is a garish, saturated document of his year-long travels and a comment on the influencer culture perpetuated within the square confines of Instagram. Marco’s images capture the decor of hotel rooms, the mundane shopping trips, the faces and places that never end up behind a filter and showered in thousands of ‘likes’. “Those who have ever been on holiday in a popular place know that while Angkor Wat is a stunning place, it is also packed with tourists,” he says. “This sometimes took away from the magic that you always envisioned when daydreaming about visiting. Aside from the obligatory shots I started focusing on the subject matter around me like the people, the clothing, textures, signs, whatever. Things that were lurid and otherwise overlooked. “

    Owen Pritchard

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