31 March 2022

Celebrating 200 issues of the It’s Nice That Weekly Comic

We highlight some of our favourite Weekly Comic moments from the last few years.


31 March 2022


Over five years ago we launched our much-loved Weekly Comic on Instagram. During those five years, each new month has brought a new creative, and each new week has brought a wonderful, new comic.

It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating 100 issues of the Weekly Comic, but yet here we are once more, getting all emotional and nostalgic over another one hundred more. Since then, an additional 25 creatives have become a part of the Weekly Comic’s legacy, telling tales of pandemic woes, creative struggles, and of love (awh).

The Weekly Comic holds a very special place in our hearts, and we hope it does for many of you too. Today we invite you to look back with us and celebrate some of our favourite comic moments. This selection was incredibly difficult to choose, we love all one hundred, so we want to say thank you to every single artist, illustrator, and animator who has given us something lovely to look forward to each week. You can find more Weekly Comics using the hashtag #INTWeeklyComic over on Instagram.

Weekly Comic #141 by Min Heo

As if we didn’t already want a pet duck badly enough, Min Heo has made the prospect all the more appealing – preferably a talking duck that is willing to dish out lovely little kisses in times of need of course.

Weekly Comic #117 by Elizabeth Pich

Staying at home for months on end definitely brought out the inner weirdo for a lot of us back in 2020. We bet Elizabeth Pich wasn’t the only one discovering new and not-at-all-embarrassing ways to stay entertained.

Weekly Comic #123 by Gabriel Alcala

When first flicking through Gabriel Alcala’s comic, our reaction jumped from “aaah!” to “awwh” real quick. Who knew a pair of big veiny eyeballs with arms and legs could be so darn cute?

Weekly Comic #149 by Naomi Anderson-Subryan

For one of her comics, Naomi Anderson-Subryan lovingly crafted a beautiful and poetic homage to the humble pencil. This pencil was not so humble however – less of the attitude please!

Weekly Comic #195 by Worry Lines

The feeling of turning your Out of Office on, there’s nothing quite like it. Worry Lines gets it. Can we just leave it on forever? (Just kidding… I love my job, I promise.)

Weekly Comic #162 by Liberty Ewan

We felt personally attacked by Liberty Ewan’s take on procrastination. Are you procrastinating right now reading this feature? We bet you are.

Weekly Comic #185 by Jack Forrest

If you flick through Jack Forrest’s comic from left to right, it’s a saddening tale with connotations of industrialisation, gentrification, and deforestation. But, if you jump through from right to left, it’s a beautiful story of nature returning to peace and bliss.

Weekly Comic #156 by Clarice Tudor

We think you’d agree with us in believing that dogs are actually angels with magical capabilities undeservedly sent to us from some sort of fantastical utopian paradise. Clarice Tudor perfectly captured these critters’ serotonin-boosting superpowers in her uplifting and adorable tale.

Weekly Comic #198 by Bianca Beneduci Assad

Being told to smile, exclamation marks, and hair removal: women around the world are all-too familiar with these seemingly small expectations. Bianca Beneduci Assad really put things into perspective with her comic for International Women’s Day and reminded us that we still have a long way to go.

Weekly Comic #180 by Hyesu Lee

Hyesu Lee hit us right in the feels with her tale of anxiety, friends, and love. She reminded us that you don’t need a gazillion pals to be happy, if one person loves you, that’s enough.

Weekly Comic #189 by Martyna Makes

For Martyna Wieliczko’s first Weekly Comic she made us completely rethink small talk. Why is asking someone what they do for a living is always the go-to? Ask ’em what they do for fun instead.

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