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Adidas releases trainers that are also public transport tickets


Adidas and BVG: EQT Support 93/Berlin trainer

Adidas and the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) public transport system have formed an unlikely team, releasing a new shoe that doubles up as a year-long public transport ticket for 2018. The sought-after trainers are unfortunately limited edition as Adidas has only released 500 pairs, which are being stocked in just two stores in Berlin. The Local reported people camping outside the two shops up to four days before the EQT Support 93/Berlin shoes’ release date, 16 Tuesday 2018. The crowd had grown to 550 people by early Tuesday morning.

The shoes are decorated with Berlin’s well-known U-Bahn pattern and they will give wearers free travel on the city’s U-Bahn, buses, trams and ferries until 31 December 2018. While an annual BVG ticket for zones A and B normally costs €761, with the cheapest annual ticket available at €728, the trainers only cost €180. This has attracted an unusual crowd; a mix of trainer collectors and commuters hoping to save some money. But in order for the trainers to work as public transport tickets, riders will have to be wearing both shoes. A single shoe pulled out of a handbag will be declined. The collaboration has come about to mark BVG’s 90th birthday and to encourage BVG ridership.


Adidas and BVG: EQT Support 93/Berlin trainer