The identity for new environmentally-focused agency AKQA Bloom “lets nature do the job”

“Our art and visual identity constantly renews, just like nature – and just as we need to be renewing ourselves and our vision.”

31 March 2022

Yesterday (30 March 2022) marked the launch of AKQA Bloom, an autonomous new agency “that will deploy vibrant thinking and ideas to help respond to the challenges of our time.” Founded by Fernando Pellizzaro and Jean Zamprogno (Zampa & Zaro), “the world’s most awarded creative team”, the agency will be committed to “protecting the planet, opening minds and enriching lives by inspiring companies to go beyond their business and contribute to society in a more positive and meaningful way”.

To correspond with their socially and environmentally-minded ethos, Zampa & Zaro have opted for an identity that speaks to notions of renewal and regeneration. The theme for AKQA Bloom’s branding is “living art” and it takes inspiration from the “wonderfully transformative and restorative magnificence of nature.” To complement this idea, they have also decided that the company’s identity will change each Spring, allowing for an ever-evolving aesthetic that mimics the patterns of the natural world.

For this first iteration of the identity, Zampa & Zaro enlisted the help of Brazilian illustrator Mario Niveo to create “intricately elaborate” drawings and a handmade blooming typography that is based on photographs of flora, scans of leaves, texture analysis, and studies of botanical books. “The reason we chose him wasn't only because we knew his work and what he could do,” explains the duo, “but also because he is deeply involved and connected with nature. For the past three years, he has lived in the Brazilian countryside, surrounded by forests. So we gave him directions on what we needed, but we also gave him creative freedom to let his vision come to life.”

Elsewhere, the identity incorporates a collection of video art by renowned Japanese botanical sculptor Azuma Makoto, which includes a time-lapse film featuring the piece Une barque sur l’océan from Maurice Ravel, performed by Vienna’s Philharmonic Orchestra pianist Barbara Garcia. These videos explore the life-cycle of flowers and the concept of botanical sculpture – the latter of which forms the central aspect of Makoto’s practice. “His studio is a laboratory where light, humidity, temperature and even the careful selection and exacting volume of the music are optimised with a single intent – looking after the well-being of the flowers.”

Reflecting on the identity, Zampa & Zaro say “‘Bloom’ is a word loaded with infinite visual possibilities that can be applied to people, the environment, or business, and to bring these visuals to life we decided that the right thing to do was to step aside and let nature do the job.” The pair go on: “Our first client is Earth and we are absolutely committed to doing the best work for this precious, miraculous planet… We believe that the days when advertising only existed to sell something are long behind us, and it's time for us to use our platform to go beyond products and services and promote real and meaningful impact.”


AKQA Bloom: Bloom with logo (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)


AKQA Bloom: Handwritten (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)


AKQA Bloom: Flowerpower background (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)


AKQA Bloom: Tree background (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)


AKQA Bloom: Neutro background (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)


AKQA Bloom: Lockup Lily (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)

Hero Header

AKQA Bloom: Logo and flowers (Copyright © AKQA Bloom, 2022)

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