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Amnesty International highlights human crises in stark new campaign


Amnesty International/VMLY&R

Amnesty International’s latest creative work sees the human rights campaigners raising awareness of man-made disasters in war-torn Syria.

Produced by Chilean agency VMLY&R SCL, the adverts focus on the fact that in the conflict-riven Middle Eastern country “the worst natural disaster is mankind,” the point being that despite having gone 1391 years without a tsunami, for example, death, destruction, and irreparable damage still scar the land. Earthquakes and hurricanes also provide points of comparison.

Arriving at a moment of impending and all-too-real ecological crisis, the campaign is a stark reminder of how man’s inhumanity to man also affects both our natural and built environments.


Amnesty International/VMLY&R


Amnesty International/VMLY&R