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Lyft’s new Andrew Rae illustrated ad campaign wants riders to embrace an all-American staycation


Lyft and Wieden+Kennedy

American on-demand taxi service Lyft has teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy for a colourific sextet of illustrations by Steven Harrington, Mike Perry and Andrew Rae to support their recently launched Staycation campaign.

Aimed at enticing native New Yorkers to spend the bulk of their summers in the Big Apple, the series spans the five boroughs, taking the viewer on a whistle-stop journey between the High Line, Museum Mile, Rockaway Beach, Industry City, Fort Tryon, and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

If you’ve not been lucky enough to spend a few days gorging yourself on pizza and shelling out dollar after dollar at Irving Zucker Art Books, the locations listed above are pretty distant from one another. Which is the whole point: Lyft, you see, can make them accessible. Because they supply you with a car and a chauffeur and transportation and movement. Makes sense, right?

Taking their visual cues from vintage “Greetings From..” postcards, the work Harrington, Perry, and Rae have produced is set to feature city-wide. Now, when’s the next Norwegian Air sale on…