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Anna Ginsburg “spins the aubergine” in her latest project


Animator and director Anna Ginsburg and designer and art director Freddy Taylor have just launched their new project, Spin The Aub an interactive site involving nine animated aubergines and nine musical soundtracks. The project started from Anna’s love and appreciation of the humble aubergine but also as a showcase for her hybrid style of animation.

“The obvious association with the aubergine emoji is a nod to all that is saucy,” says Anna. “It was a simple idea, which gave us an opportunity to be silly, playful and experiment visually.” Anna worked with Freddy on the promotional project, who worked on the design of Spin The Aub. A lighthearted and fun distraction, users can control the speed of the aubergine spin as the various soundtracks react accordingly.

“Freddy and I wanted to push one ridiculous idea to the absolute limit. A rotating aubergine is such a simple concept, yet the possibilities are endless,” Anna explains. Each of the nine aubergines are made up of 100 drawings; there are four hand-rendered, four CGI and one hybrid of everything. Anna, who created all the 2D hand-drawn elements and stop motion animation, worked with Joseph May to help on the CGI animation. All types of the eggplant are portrayed including a furry one, a pixellated one, and even a denim one all making an appearance.

“Original soundscapes” have been composed by FrnkBoff, each an imagining of the individual aubergines adding another element to the project as the vegetables morph, ripple and explode.

Earlier this year, Anna Ginsburg created Private Parts a specially commissioned film from It’s Nice That as part of its partnership with Channel 4 Random Acts.


Anna Ginsburg: Spin The Aub


Anna Ginsburg: Spin The Aub


Anna Ginsburg: Spin The Aub


Anna Ginsburg: Spin The Aub (website)