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Ariana Grande’s teen flick parody music video smashes viewing records


Last Friday (30 November 2018) pop star Ariana Grande released the much anticipated video for thank u, next. The track has just spent its fourth week at the top of the UK’s single music charts, the longest time at #1 for a female artist in 2018.

The songstress, known for her quivering falsetto and sleek long ponytail, has just become the most listened-to artist worldwide on Spotify. She overtook fellow ex-Disney star Selena Gomez for the worldwide No. 1 spot, hitting a staggering 46.8 million monthly listeners.

Ariana’s latest hit thank u, next has become the most viewed Youtube and Vevo video ever in its first 24 hours online. The music video parodies 00s female-led films such as Mean Girls, Bring it On and Legally Blonde, recreating iconic moments from the movies with some recognisable faces that featured in the original flicks.

The music video’s concept has clearly worked, garnering 829K viewers and 427K comments in the first day of its release. Now with nearly 90 million views on Youtube, the track is still the #1 trending video. The people of the world clearly can’t get enough of the pouting pop star with a flicking ponytail. But if that wasn’t enough to draw you in, the nostalgic recreation of some truly iconic teen flick’s will take many a millennial. That’s saying nothing of the cameo appearances by the likes of Kris Jenner, Jennifer Coolidge and Jonathan Bennett (yep, the real Aaron Samuels!).