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Could Port Talbot become home of the UK’s first street art museum?


You’d have thought that after nearly 20 years of being subject to his whimsy, the world might have tired slightly of Banksy. But, evidently, there’s still an appetite for his public-facing artworks pointing out how, when you think about it, maybe, capitalism is… bad?

In recent months Banksy has managed to pop up in the news with the sort of regularity that only Brexit can match. The street artist’s latest timeline-trampling stunt saw him rock up in the Welsh town of Port Talbot, where he left the residents a Christmas present in the shape of a mural plastered on the wall of a garage. Said mural is now being proposed as a central component of what is being mooted as the first street art museum in the UK.

Gallerist and dealer John Brandler made headlines recently when it was revealed he’d spent a reported £100,000 on Banksy’s Port Talbot piece. Artnet reports that John has entered into preliminary discussions with the local authorities about sourcing a site for the new venture.

This wasn’t, it turns out, John’s first Banksy-buying rodeo – he’s been collecting work by the provocateur since 2003 – and he’s offered to donate works from his own personal extensive street art collection to bolster the potential gallery’s archive.

Artnet reports John as saying: "It’s about time the UK gets a centre for street art to be exhibited in a professional setting,”