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BBC Three gets a brand refresh courtesy of Studio Output


Studio Output has created a brand refresh for BBC Three by designing a new visual toolkit and defining the brand’s character to suit the channel’s digital-only needs. The “beefed-up” brand uses a flexible system that allows the identity to be applied across all touch points from social to broadcast, yet still retain its character.

The refresh comes after BBC Three launched a new logo in January 2016, originally created by Red Bee. Studio Output has worked at simplifying the different versions that existed by “freeing the logo from its retaining ’stamp’ device in BBC environments” and “supporting the BBC Three pink with a bright secondary palette” providing flexibility for different content.

The channel’s newly-named “Tricon” (the three vertical bars), has also been given a new lease of life by being “liberated from the BBC Blocks”, making it into a flexible brand asset.

Acknowledging its purely digital existence, Studio Output has put forward guidelines for the existing brand typeface, layout and framing to help BBC Three become distinctive in its content. The studio has also created an online hub, which introduces the brand and helps people to use it effectively, by providing access to downloadable assets with examples of how to “express BBC Three’s distinctive character”.


Studio Output: BBC Three


Studio Output: BBC Three


Studio Output: BBC Three