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BBH “censors” KFC’s famous catchphrase for suggestive campaign


BBH: KFC campaign

Advertising agency BBH has played on the well-known catchphrase of fast food chain KFC for a provocative UK-based campaign. Using censorship in a suggestive way, blocking out key words from the “finger lickin’ good” idiom to make viewers do a double take, the controversial concept is intentionally close to the mark.

The “censored” posters will be released as huge billboards around the country and in digital campaigns. It is part of BBH’s revamped advertising identity for KFC, which features posters with a typographic, stripped-back graphic design.

Earlier this year KFC Australia was scrutinised for another contentious campaign using a pixelated image of a couple to suggest something smutty was going on, when in fact it was just a bucket of chicken.


BBH: KFC campaign


BBH: KFC campaign