MC Escher: Drawing Hands

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MC Escher’s career reimagined in blockbuster immersive exhibition designed by Nendo

The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, has announced an upcoming blockbuster exhibition centred around optical illusions, pairing the iconic work of Dutch artist MC Escher with prolific Japanese studio Nendo. Between Two Worlds: Escher X Nendo opens in December 2018, displaying the work of the historical artist and the contemporary design studio, and promises to be a “deeply immersive exhibition experience."

MC Escher’s work will be presented in the major exhibition within a environment specially crafted by Nendo. The artist’s work, described by senior curator at the gallery Cathy Leahy as “picture puzzles,” will become even more puzzling when placed in an immersive environment designed by the Japanese studio’s founder, Oki Sato. Both Escher and Nendo share a distinct approach for mathematical design, utilising geometry and space to create new perspectives.

“The reason we’ve paired the two together is that both are really interested in innovation, optical illusion, there’s a lot that connects them,” says the director of The National Gallery of Victoria, Tony Ellwood. “I think we’re in for something that’s going to be highly unique, engaging and exciting.”

The exhibition also marks the first major exhibition of MC Escher in Australia, featuring over 160 prints and drawings from a collection of the artist’s work at Gemeeentemuseum, The Hague. Between Two Worlds will spread across the artist’s iconic career in a contemporary context from 2 December 2018 — 9 April 2019.


MC Escher: Relativity


Nendo: Thin Black Lines and Dancing Squares installation at the Taiwan Craft Research Institute, 2011