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Birth Becomes Her photography competition champions mothers everywhere


Maternity (1st Place): Jen Conway, “This is what a Goddess Looks Like”

The Birth Becomes Her photography competition winners have been announced and the results are astounding. From graphic mid-birth shots to moving images of women breast feeding for the first time, the competition is a reminder of women’s resilience and uncompromising strength.

Founded by Jennifer Mason and Monet Nicole in 2013, Birth Becomes Her is a supportive network for birth photographers around the world, offering them online courses, community forums, toolkits and editing tools. Birth, the two founders believe, is one of the most powerful moments in a person’s life, meaning commemorating it is essential: “We believe that these images are worth seeing and celebrating. We believe that motherhood and the female body should not be censored.”

After receiving nearly 1000 submissions, 16 judges selected first, second and third place winners for this year’s competition. The contest is divided into five different categories: maternity, labour, birth, fresh/postpartum and breastfeeding. The ‘Overall Winner’ and the ‘People’s Choice Winner’ is photographer Marike Thoen, whose arresting monochrome shot features a young girl looking at her baby sibling moments after a water birth.


Overall Winner and Overall People’s Choice Winner: Marijke Thoen, “Stunning Siblings First Encounter”


Labor (1st Place): Rebecca Coursey-Rugh, “Nowhere and Everywhere”


Fresh/Postpartum (1st Place): Veronika Richardson, “This is VBAC”


Breastfeeding (1st Place): Cory Janiak, “Within Reach”


Birth (1st Place): Selena Rollason, “Half Born and Already Reaching for Mama”