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Vice launches Broadly, a new female-focused channel

“You can never have too many channels!” seems to be the motto over at Vice, and with a rapidly expanding reach and bases in over 30 countries, why not add another? Today the digital media company launches Broadly, a new female-focused channel which explores “politics, culture, sex and fashion.” Today the site includes articles on subjects from reproductive health, cyber attacks against Planned Parenthood and a history of the fedora, and moving forward it will incorporate daily editorial and video documentaries.

“New media has been a game-changer for feminism,” the editor-in-chief and director of content Tracie Egan Morrissey says. “Its appeal is palpable. We can no longer be told that it’s not relevant or that we’re just imagining things. And so now is the time to elevate the coverage of women’s interests by telling the stories that matter to us through in-depth, original reporting and documentary video. We aren’t going to hold our breath and wait for mainstream outlets to meet our expectations. We’re just going to do it ourselves.” Will it meet our expectations as well as its own? Only time will tell.