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Byron rebrand leads with new logo inspired by the dining table


Byron new logo

UK burger restaurant chain Byron has unveiled a new logo as part of a wider redesign that is being rolled out across digital platforms and restaurants alike in coming months. Maintaining its word marque symbol, as with previous logo iterations, this latest icon breaks the linear tradition and instead “seats” the five letters of its name asymmetrically around a rectangular “dining table”.

The idea behind the new logo apparently comes from the restaurant’s new mission to “bring people back around the table” as the latest Wellbeing Index suggests a third of British adults are eating alone most or all of the time. This, according to the report, has a negative impact on people’s wellbeing levels. Hoping to tackle this issue, its campaign message “All Hail the Table” focuses on reconnecting people.

Using Nimbus Condensed Black as the core typeface, the visual identity allows the letters to overlap the edges of the rectangle and be arranged in different combinations of “seating arrangements”. The lead logo is black on white, but in a secondary format is seen as black on red (Pantone 7417c).

Byron CEO Simon Wilkinson says the logo is a “literal translation” of the mission to connect people around a table, as well as bringing “a sense of fun to the visuals”.

In related news, we recently spoke to the San Francisco team at design agency Turner Duckworth about their global redesign of McDonald’s, and its so-called “Archery” visual system.


Byron new logo


Byron rebrand


Byron rebrand


Byron rebrand