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Cabeza Patata’s new campaign for Spotify explores music’s ever-changing moods


As Cabeza Patata, dynamic creative duo Abel Reverter and Katie Menzies have produced weird, wonky, and wonderful animated work for the likes of the New York Times, Google, and Apple. The latest brand to recognise Cabeza Patata’s talent is Spotify, who approached the London-based pair to produce the 2019 instalment of the streaming service’s annual Mid Year Premium Campaign.

With the creative focus being on what CP describe as the “ability of music to help shape and change our feelings,” Abel and Katie delivered 25 illustrations and 11 videos that reflect the way certain songs have an uncanny knack of being able to reflect our ever-changing moods.

Reflecting the marvellous multiplicity of music, CP says that it “went through various iterations of clothing and style to create an easily-identifiable, modern, gender-neutral character,” devoid of “specific age or race” in order to cross over easily in all of Spotify’s 72 markets across the globe.

The result is a suitably colourful and quirky dance spectacular – imagine a semi-stop motion take on Strictly and you’re halfway there.

In the words of Cabeza Patata: “We wanted the three-dimensional characters to look like real puppets so that, when mixed with realistic effects such as smoke, clouds and lights, the final result confuses the line between the real and digital worlds.”

Reflecting on its decision to hire CP for the campaign Spotify praises the pair for their “modern, quirky and refined,” approach to the brief, noting that it aligned nicely with the way Spotify works when it comes to design and creative opportunities.

You can see the entire campaign – which really does run through the gamut of emotions in a most thorough manner – over on the Cabeza Patata website right now.


Cabeza Patata: Spotify Mid-Year Premium (Via Cabeza Patata)


Cabeza Patata: Spotify Mid-Year Premium (Via Cabeza Patata)


Cabeza Patata: Spotify Mid-Year Premium (Via Cabeza Patata)


Cabeza Patata: Spotify Mid-Year Premium (Via Cabeza Patata)


Cabeza Patata: Spotify Mid-Year Premium (Via Cabeza Patata)