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Fold7 recruits Mads Mikkelsen as the face of Carlsberg’s new unfiltered offering


Carlsberg/Fold7: Unfiltered

Most of us try and avoid thinking about the cold, refreshing, crisp taste of lager on a Monday morning. After a weekend of hedonistic excess, we more likely to be reaching for a dumbbell than a pint glass come 6PM. However, and not that we’re easily swayed or anything, today’s news that Danish brewery big dogs Carlsberg are set to release a new amber offering has got our mind wandering to the Dog and Duck. Unfiltered, which is set to start pumping through pipes in hostelries up and down the country in the very near future, is being described as a “premium” beer.

It’s beer, they say, “with the top button undone,” or “Carlsberg on a dress down Friday.”

To get prospective pint-suppers on board, London-based creative agency Fold7 have recruited Danish dynamo Mads Mikkelsen to head up the supporting print and video campaign, and the Casino Royale star looks delighted to be hanging about in a sun-dappled wood with a squirrel and a beer for company.

For Fold7’s founder, the new Mads-heavy campaign, “introduces new texture to the campaign as we start to unveil the many innovations the brand has up its sleeve,” while Russell Jones, the senior VP of marketing at Carlsberg says “We’re excited to start adding real depth and substance to our well-loved ‘Probably the Best’ positioning,” adding that it’s all about "great tasting beer and Mads with a 5 o clock shadow…What’s not to like?!”

Viewers can judge for themselves below, while drinkers can do similarly very soon.


Carlsberg/Fold7: Unfiltered


Carlsberg/Fold7: Unfiltered


Carlsberg/Fold7: Unfiltered