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Creative Concern’s new identity for World Green Building Council is simple but effective


Creative Concern: World Greener Building Council (Via Creative Concern)

Community-minded agency Creative Concern is back with another project focussed on matters of sustainability.

In line with the UN-initiated World Environment Day (today, 5 June) the Manchester-based team has hooked up with World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for an awareness-raising new identity which aims to aid the environmental group with its mission to see a greener world built for all.

The partnership has been struck up in advance of World Green Building Week, which takes place in September. The group is of the belief that greener building practices should be at the forefront of any fight against rapidly encroaching climate change.

For the WorldGBC the focus of the upcoming awareness week is, in the words of marketing communications director Angela Howarth, “on a future in which every building in the world emits zero carbon emissions, eliminating the building and construction sectors’ reliance on fossil fuels which are causing irreversible damage to the planet.”

The new look incorporates what Creative Concern describes as “a series of architectural shapes that create impact without referencing a particular building style or vernacular,” in order to elucidate and illuminate the six stages in the lifecycle of any half-decent building:
produce; design; use; build, deconstruct and re-use.

“With our passion for working on sustainability and campaigns relating to the climate crisis, this was a project we were delighted to be selected to work on,” says Helen Thomas, design director at Creative Concern.


Creative Concern: World Greener Building Council (Via Creative Concern)


Creative Concern: World Greener Building Council (Via Creative Concern)