Wieden+Kennedy serves up “Food Freedom” on new campaign for Deliveroo

28 January 2019
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Deliveroo/Wieden+Kennedy: Food Freedom

How was your Sunday? If you’re anything like us, you probably woke up a bit later than usual, a bit more nauseous than usual too, but essentially full of good intentions. You’ve been watching a lot of cookery shows recently, so after a leisurely swim and a dip in the sauna, you planned on buying a big hunk of lamb, ready to be slow roasted in pomegranate molasses, eaten in front Nigel or Nigella.

The reality was a little different, wasn’t it? It’s fine, you can admit it to us. You stayed in bed all morning, flitting between sighing at Instagram and sighing at the ceiling. Lunch was a slice of toast pilfered off a housemate. You didn’t go swimming. You didn’t expunge yourself of sin in the sauna, either. Instead, you dragged your weary husk to the pub to sup at a pint or two while half-watching an FA Cup match. You got home around seven, knowing full well your cupboard was empty of anything that would actually come together in what’s commonly known as a “meal”. So what did you do?

Yep, you jabbed a greasy finger at your screen, hoiked up Deliveroo — other similar services are available — and waited impatiently for a punnet of chicken katsu curry to arrive.

All of which is to say that Wieden+Kennedy has unveiled a new campaign for the popular app. Food Freedom is the first time W+K has teamed up with Deliveroo, and the campaign is set to roll out across as many spheres as it’s possible to reach here in 2019. The campaign, we’re told, “reinforces the food delivery company as the go-to choice for hungry Brits looking for amazing food delivered fast,” which is admirable an aim as any in the gig economy era.

The TV spots present all manner of odd situations being resolved by a speedy Deliveroo-delivered bowl of something or other, whilst the print components are as bright as they are bold.

In a statement issued to the press on 28 January, W+K says:

“The new marketing campaign celebrates food happiness in all its forms – whether that’s in front of a dirty burger on a hungover Saturday or when you’re at the office late on a Tuesday and the first bite of your Thai green curry gives you the strength to carry on! With its new campaign, Deliveroo embraces the idea that food happiness is the freedom to have what you want, when you want it, where you want it.”


Deliveroo/Wieden+Kennedy: Food Freedom


Deliveroo/Wieden+Kennedy: Food Freedom

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